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Marble Mountains

07 km to the southeast of the Danang city centre, Marble Mountains are considered as the “Landscape of the Southern Sky” with five mountains: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth

Kim Son (mountain of metal), Moc Son (Mountain of Wood), Thuy Son (Mountain of Water), Hoa Son (Mountain of Fire), and Tho Son (Mountain of Earth). Marble Mountains have attractive sights such as Da Chong tunnel; Ba Tho Cave, Hades Cave, Huyen Khong Cave, Linh Ung Pagoda, Vong Giang Tower, etc., which is suitable for spiritual tourism. At the feet of the mountains, there is a village of marble sculptural arts over 300 years of age. It is the place for tourists to see with their own eyes the stone sculptural arts of talent craftsmen, and tourists can choose their most favourite products as souvenirs.

Opening time: Daily, from 7:00 to 17:30

Elevator ticket: 15,000VND/person (30,000 VND/person for a round trip)

Tour guide: 50,000/group

Note: While visiting Thuy Son Mountain, tourists can buy tickets at gate 01 or gate 02. In addition, there is elevator available for supporting tourists. Tourists have to buy ticket in order to use elevator transport.