1. **Purpose and Scope of Information Collection**
   Diamondseahotel.com does not sell, share, or exchange customers' personal information collected on the website with any third party. The collected personal information will only be used internally by the company. When you register for services, the personal information collected by Diamondseahotel.com includes:
   - Full name
   - Address
   - Phone number
   - Email
   Besides personal information, there are service-related details:
   - Product name
   - Quantity
   - Delivery time
2. **Scope of Information Use**
   The collected personal information will only be used internally by Diamondseahotel.com and for one or all of the following purposes:
   - Customer support
   - Providing information related to the service
   - Processing orders and providing services and information through our website as per your request
   - We may send information about new products, services, upcoming events, or recruitment information if you subscribe to email notifications.
   - Additionally, we will use the information you provide to manage your customer account; confirm and perform financial transactions related to your online payments.
3. **Information Storage Duration**
   For personal information, Diamondseahotel.com only deletes this data if the customer requests it. Customers can request deletion by sending an email to info@diamondseahotel.com.
4. **Entities and Organizations That May Access Personal Information**
   Entities that can access customers' personal information fall into one of the following categories:
   - Partners who have signed a contract to perform part of the service provided by DIAMOND SEA CO., LTD. These partners will receive information according to the contract agreement (possibly part or all of the information depending on the contract terms) to support users in using the services provided by the company.
5. **Address of the Entity Collecting and Managing Personal Information**
   Address: 232 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
   Phone: 02363939777
   Website: Diamondseahotel.com
   Email: info@diamondseahotel.com
6. **Means and Tools for Users to Access and Edit Their Personal Data**
   Diamondseahotel.com does not collect customer information through the website. Customer personal information is collected via email contact for product and service orders sent to our email: info@diamondseahotel.com or by phone contact for product orders at 02363939777. You can contact the above email address and phone number to request Diamondseahotel.com to edit your personal data.
7. **Mechanism for Receiving and Resolving Consumer Complaints Regarding the Misuse of Personal Information**
   At Diamondseahotel.com, protecting your personal information is very important. You are assured that the information provided to us will be kept confidential. Diamondseahotel.com is committed not to share, sell, or rent your personal information to any other person. Diamondseahotel.com is committed to using your information only in the following cases:
   - Enhancing service quality for customers
   - Resolving disputes and complaints
   - When required by law enforcement agencies
   Diamondseahotel.com understands that your rights in protecting personal information are also our responsibility. Therefore, in any case of questions or feedback related to Diamondseahotel.com’s privacy policy or regarding the misuse of personal information beyond the stated scope, please contact us via hotline 02363939777 or email: info@diamondseahotel.com.