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On Christmas night 24th, Diamond Sea Hotel Danang took place 1 night Gala warm and filled with laughter.
The highlight of the night is a Dinner Show with special performances bringing a meaningful story of forgiveness and reunion. That is the message we want to send to every family about the meaning of Christmas Eve. Let's share to sympathize and forgive each other, the real happiness is when being together to share the joys and sorrows.
The party has been successful in creating a warm atmosphere for customers who come with their families, the romance of couples, and especially the smiles of these adorable kids.
Being together with the sound and light are the joys of smile that each guest brought to Diamond Sea Hotel for the night, which is also the sweet result that every staff of Diamond Sea team always want to seen and felt.
With its hearty buffet menu and music program with the city's famous singers, hope that Diamond Sea Hotel has given to all dinners the most wonderful Christmas Eve. Wishing all our beloved customers have great health and fully happiness in life.