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Traditional Vietnamese Live Music every Wednesday at Mauna Kea Sky

On every Wednesday night at Mauna Kea sky - 21st floor of Diamond Sea Hotel will take place a concert of traditional Vietnamese musical instruments such as 16-stringed zithers, monochord ... in order to contribute to the preservation of traditional music in modern life as well as create the diversity in leisure activities for tourists coming to Da Nang.
The ethnic musical instruments are crafted from simple and rustic natural materials and widely known as a type of folk art of Vietnam by locals and foreigners for its vibrant sounds.
Join with us, you will immerse yourself in the melodies imbued with national identity to return to the traditional roots. Especially, this show will be an opportunity for international visitors to enjoy the unique features of traditional Vietnamese music.
Time: 20:00 - 22:00
Venue: Mauna Kea Sky – 21st level Diamond Sea Hotel